Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Team member holding mold affected materials.

Residential Mold Damage

Mold Damage in Davie, FL

Mold can cause significant damage and it even has the potential to cause health effects. If you suspect or have discovered a potential mold infestation, call our SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie experts for your mold remediation and cleanup needs today.

interior of a home stripped down to the bare walls and concrete floors due to mold remediation process

When mold takes over, the remediation process can be intense

It is difficult seeing your Weston, FL home torn apart due to a micro-organism.

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie is trained to properly assess water damage and old damage. This Weston home had extensive mold growth due to previous water damage. Even though so much work was needed, we were able to give this homeowner peace of mind as we properly remediated the issue.

bathroom with walls removed and pipes exposed so that SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie can properly remediate the mold growth

When a leaky pipe is not given proper repairs mold will follow

Leaky pipes can lead to mold if they are not properly repaired. 

Here in Davie, FL, the humidity levels are constant. Knowing that leaving a leaky pipe to trip can lead to costly mold remediation. This homeowner learned the hard way that even a small leak can become a big problem!

Carpet with clear water lines due to a pipe burst flooding the facility with water

When a pipe bursts it can cause major water damage

A local Davie office had a pipe burst over the weekend causing major damage.

When they arrived to work there was water covering the first floor, and mold had begun to grow in a few places. We arrived quickly to begin the mold remediation as well as the complete drying of the area.

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie employee is dressed in full PPE remeidating mold from behind a wall

Water that leaked behind the wall lead to mold damage

This Fort Lauderdale homeowner discovered a small pipe behind their wall was leaking. 

The plumber repaired the pipe but the damage was extensive. The water had created an environment  fit for mold growth. Our team followed protocols and remediated the mold quickly!

SERVPRO of Weston/West Davie wiping down the metal framing of a ceiling sky light leak.

When your sky light begins to leak the water damage can lead to mold

This Cooper City homeowner discovered a leak caused by their skylight recently.

Unknown to them, once we began removing the water damaged materials we discovered that this skylight must have been leaking for quite some time. Mold had already taken up residence in the framing of their home and was beginning to spread to other areas.

Man standing in the corner of the room spraying a chemical on a concrete wall

When water damage has potential to grow mold

Our team is fully trained in water damage restoration processes.

We also know that in some instances we walk into a water cleanup that has the potential for future mold growth. We have the needed anti-mold agents to treat water damaged areas of your home to prevent mold growth.

Room with wall of windows in the center of the floor the furniture is covered with clear protection secured with blue tape

Mitigation work in Cooper City

Water damage can lead to mold growth, so it is important to get the water dried quickly to avoid this.

Mold only needs a small amount of moisture to form.

From there it can rapidly spread to many areas of your Cooper City home. Luckily for this homeowner, the mold had not had a chance to spread past its initial area of growth. 

A small leak can lead to big problems

This home in Weston, Fl had a small leak in the roof and over time that leak became a big problem. Not only did it damage the insulation and sheetrock it was the source for mold growth in the home as well.

room with sheetrock removed exposing the framing of the building and a wetvac in the room

Restoration work in Weston, Fl

Our team responded to this Weston, Fl property to begin restoration services.

We then discovered mold and had to immediately set up proper remediation containment.

After putting on the proper protective gear we began mold remediation services to get the area properly restored.